No Return Address


So just over a week ago, this became official…


While we knew our house sale was pretty solid, I am superstitious. I did not want to post this photo that I took before I left the Bay Area for Phoenix until the deal was signed, sealed and delivered (i.e. money wired into our account). While this really happened on 3/14/14, this other thing happened that week. My co-listing agent reminded me that we had to forward our mail.

For some reason this toppled me into overwhelm, okay maybe not some reason, maybe the fact that we do not really have a forwarding address. He suggested a PO box, so I headed over the post office to discover that we were missing something essential to obtain a PO box – permanent mailing address. Yah, um no, I do not have that. Only option – GENERAL DELIVERY!

Say what? Apparently this is the only option AND it only goes to one post office in any given town.

Ummm, yah that makes you feel well a bit homeless. Granted we are fortunate to have a place to stay, the firm that relocated us has been letting us stay in corporate housing. We have a place to dwell, but it is not a place for mail nor is it permanent, in fact it is very, very temporary.

Added to this that we finally made an offer on a house the week before our old house closed and it was rejected. Limbo is a strange place to be. Moving has felt incredibly unsettling. I am a person that likes to have roots. I am an adventurer in that I like to travel, but I need to have a place to call home.

A dear, lifelong friend, who has experienced her own moves over the past few years, wisely said to me recently that “Moving is crazy… But it’s hard/exciting/fun/ and can I just again say crazy…”

Today I am grateful to have discovered a cafe to enjoy a coffee while I work and type. Lux Central was definitely perfect place to kick off this new week.




Hoping this week is a little more fun and a little less hard and crazy…

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