Oh how I love LUX


Last week, I finally got a chance to try Lux and it was soooo delicious. Ended up spending pretty much beginning and end of my day there as we met our Realtor there at the end of the day plus we ate dinner at Pane Bianco. Guess I was really meant to discover Lux last Monday.

This week my girlfriend and I made plans to get together on Thursday. D has been traveling this week, so I nicely took his car to get the windows tinted (something tells us that black leather and Arizona heat will not mix….) I had asked the service advisor if it would be possible to get an X1 for the loaner car as I would like to get one in the future.

I arrived at Chapman BMW on Camelback and an X1 was sitting in the sales pick up area in my dream color (orange!). My thought was wow someone is very lucky to be picking up that car today.

Fast forward after checking the car in and the service advisor says, “Since you wanted an X1, I set one aside for you this morning. It is around front and matches your purse.” At this point, I am just trying to contain my excitement. Dream car in dream color…..He gave me a little tutorial and then I snapped this shot to send to D.

I ran some errands before meeting up with my girlfriend at the apartment. Initially, I thought we would walk to downtown for coffee, but come on with an amazing loaner car, of course we had to drive some place.

I took her to Lux for breakfast and it was just as amazing as the first time. We both enjoyed lattes and their decadent breakfast sandwiches with roasted tomatoes. Soooo yummy. When I picked up the lattes from the coffee bar, the server was dishing out something that looked like whipped caramel to another woman. I asked what it was, he said, “whipped cream, would you like some?” Ummmmm duh!

It was simply a lovely way to spend the morning. I will definitely be going back to Lux.

p.s. the X1 has earned an even higher level in my dreams, it is a joy to drive and fits me perfectly. I love it.



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