Prepping for Passover


When we moved to Phoenix, we thought we would be in permanent housing no later than early March. It is now almost mid-April and we are still in the temporary housing. Passover is next week and most of my Passover items are on a moving truck somewhere in California.

I thought it would be fun to make a new Passover seder plate new home, so I looked online for ideas. Lucky me, I found a great post on Shiska in the Kitchen about how to make a homemade Passover plates. While I liked the idea that I could make this at home, I decided to take the template and go to a pottery painting place.

Thankfully, there is a place right near our club at Desert Ridge Marketplace called As You Wish Pottery. D had a morning tee time yesterday, so I headed over to the Marketplace.

As You Wish was already pretty busy just after opening, but they asked if I would be okay at a high top table. It was the perfect place for me to get creative as it was off to the side of the studio.

I used the idea from the blog to pencil in the template and make it like a stencil on the plate. While the studio had transfer paper, I wanted to try to just use the paper that I printed. I was excited when I figured out that I could use the hard tip of the paint brush to transfer the pencil onto the plate.


I used the basic concept that she highlighted, but then made it my own I by adding blue circles around each of the illustrations plus a blue border on the plate.


Ready for the kiln with a signature on the bottom of course.



There is something soothing about painting pottery. I love to give it as gifts and also have pieces in our home to use time and again. Excited to pick up my new plate next week and be ready for Passover on the 14th!





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